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We are always looking for experienced, entry-level and professionals through the Internet.
We will contact individually the desired applicants when positions are open for both the entry-level
    (including regular recruitment) and experienced.
Therefore, the results for a job application can't be given immediately.
Generally, we recruit 1~2 times a year.
In the case of regular recruitment, one can apply through the school recruitment center and/or the online job
   posting sites.
In the case of regular recruitment, a separate notice may be made on our homepage.
Additional Employment Inquiry : webmaster@nk-ms.com
The primary job categories of NK mulsan can be referred to below.
Category Primary Area
Management Support Planning, research, PR, Law, HR, general affairs, purchasing, asset management and accounting
FIBC Marketing FIBC business marketing (Experience in the FIBC marketing is preferred)
Overseas Affiliate Management Overseas HR management, purchasing, production, inventory, asset management and accounting